The hub of the Lost Generation on the Internet

Cafe du Dome in Paris

Okay, well, not quite. Not yet, at least. That’s the goal of this site though, and although it’s a lofty one to take on, it’s one that I feel is worthwhile. There’s great info out there but in my research I couldn’t find one website dedicated solely to all things Lost Generation. There are many dedicated to the fun and frivolity of the 1920s, but not to the Lost Generation as a whole. (If you know of one I missed, let me know at

There are certain places at certain times where artists and writers have converged to shake up the creative world for evermore. Such was Paris in the 1920s. Yet, focusing solely on that part does us all a disservice. It’s the “fun” part of the generation but ignores the facts that led to it (namely the horrors of World War I) as well as the tragedy that came out of the endless parties (such as the horrible depression). It’s like when people throw Great Gatsby parties – odd. While Gatsby is my favorite novel, there’s really nothing about it that is happy and worth celebrating in party form. Look at Gatsby’s parties – full of people that he didn’t know drinking his booze, eating his food, trashing his house, all thrown solely to try to capture the attention of Daisy. 1920s parties? Absolutely. Gatsby parties? Odd.

The point being that the 1920s in particular and the Lost Generation in general were a lot more than the pictures so many people have painted of them – the drinking, the parties, the excess. My goal with this site is to focus on the years of 1920 to 1929, yes, but also to include the whole of these men’s and women’s lives, bringing them to life, making them real, not cardboard cutouts to hold up for Instagram photo shoots. I hope that interests other people as much as it does me. I guess we’ll find out!

Cheers, Old Sport, to the doom and beauty ahead.

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