1920s Inspired Women’s Holiday Party Shopping Guide

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting to this site so I thought I would take a second to introduce myself. My name is Cori and I’m Gregory’s fiancée. He has kindly invited me to start doing a couple post every now and then on here about the aspect of the 1920s that is of most interest to me: Fashion. The 20s were a huge turning point in both men’s and women’s wear and I thought it would be fun to occasionally delve into the closet of the past and share some of the history, influence, and flare that this decade gave to the world. For this first post though, we will look at some modern looks inspired by the time.

Glamour and wild parties are often some of the first things that come to mind when people think of the 1920s. Even with alcohol being prohibited, people of the period still knew how to have a great time. Seeing as the holiday season is upon us, I thought I would put together a list of my favorite 1920s party outfits that are available today. Even though the parties will look a bit different this year than they did a hundred years ago, that doesn’t mean when can’t get all dolled up and ring in 2021 like it’s 1921 in the safety of our homes. So if your in the market for a last minute holiday party outfit inspired by the Jazz age, look no further.

Just a note, we here are not affiliated with any of the websites mentioned in this post and all of the images belong to them. 


            Let’s start with ModCloth.com. They are always a go to when seeking out beautiful vintage inspired looks. Though this year their 20s inspired looks are a bit limited, they have a couple great options. 

All You Bead is Love Maxi Dress- $169 

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to ModCloth.com

This longer black beaded number is a beautiful and simple option for any occasion this holiday season. I love that there is so much detail on the top, which means that paired with a great finger waved updo and feathered headband, you will stand out on any Zoom parties you attend.

Magnificence Beneath the Midnight Fireworks Shift Dress – $139 

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to ModCloth.com

Is there anything more comfortable than a shift dress? I mean, a good argument could be made for sweatpants but no respectable flapper would have been caught dead dressing down for a party. I love the Art Deco inspired sequin details on this one and think It would look lovely with a pair of tights and t-strap heels. This is also a great option if your looking for something a that could be styled a little more modern as well. 

ModCloth is running some incredible sales right now in the days leading up to Christmas, so if you like one of these, act quickly and you may be able to snap them up on discount. 

Unique Vintage 

Now lets take a look at my absolute favorite place for vintage inspired looks. Unique Vintage currently has an amazing selection of 1920s garb. Not only do they have a huge selection of dresses, they also have 1920s inspired shoes, bags, headwear, and jewelry, making it a perfect one stop shop for all your holiday party needs. 

Black Beaded Fringe Sleeve Nadine Flapper Dress- $78

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to uniquevintage.com

If your going to do the 1920s, you’ve got to have fringe and this dress does fringe right. This one is my personal favorite option out there right now. It’s the perfect blend of elegant and glamorous and with lots of accessories, I think this is the perfect flapper inspired look. 

Gold and Sequin Black Fringe Katriane Flapper Dress- $98 

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to uniquevintage.com

Black, Gold, Sequins, and Fringe. Well this one is a stunner. Pair this with a bold lip, dark eye, and a gin and tonic and you might just find yourself transported straight back to a speakeasy party. 

Deco Green & Black Sequin Veronique Fringe Flapper Dress-  $98 

Click Image to shop. Image right belong to uniquevintage.com

My last dress pick from Unique Vintage is this beautiful green and black fringed number. The green color reminds me of Kira Knightly’s famous dress from Atonement, yet the details make this one perfect for a 1920 soirée. 

Black Mesh and Gold Sequin Beaded Caplet- $42 

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to uniquevintage.com

This is a great option for those who are on a budget or if your attending a zoom party that you intend to be seated for. Throw this beautiful caplet over a simple tank dress, slap some make-up on and finger wave your hair and no one will be the wiser that your only dolled up on your top half 😉 


Now lets talk accessories. The 20s were the age of excess, so women of the time left no part of their person un-accessorized. As I mentioned above, Unique Vintage is a great place to find everything needed to complete your get up. Here are a few of my favorites from their collection. 

 1920 Style Black Beaded Top Frame Flapper Purse- $72

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to uniquevintage.com

This site as a ton of beautiful bags but I went with this simple yet stunning black option as I think it will go with all of the looks above and could even be worn with many modern glam looks, giving you more bang for your buck 

Black Patent Leatherette Peep Toe T-Strap Everly Pumps- $48

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to uniquevintage.com

Just like the bag above, I went with this simple yet classic option for their overall versatility. Also a huge bonus that they are vegan and that the heel isn’t too high so you can dance the night away. 

Black Ostrich Feather & and Silver Crystal Plummet Headband- $34

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to uniquevintage.com

No 20s look is complete without a headband and I love the sparkles on this one. 

Black Satin 23” Opera Gloves- $18

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to uniquevintage.com

Is there anything more elegant than a pair of opera gloves? 

Silver Rhinestone Fan & Ivory Pearl Drop Earrings- $32 

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to uniquevintage.com

I will be the first to admit that I’m not a jewelry type of gal, yet even my simple heart wants a pair of these Art Deco inspired earrings. 

Ivory 60” Long Pear Necklace- $22

Click Image to shop. Image rights belong to uniquevintage.com

Few things are as synonymous with the Flapper look as long layers of pearls. Real strings of pearls might break the bank but this strand is a nice budget friendly option. 

So there you have it folks, my top picks for 1920s inspired holiday fashions. I hope some of you found it helpful. I plan to do more of these types of posts in the future, like a fully vintage shopping guide, as well as some deep dives into the history and influence of the clothes of this decade. Maybe even some breakdowns of the styles of important trendsetters of the era (Zelda, I’m looking at you). So stay tuned to this space and follow us on Social media for the latest updates. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! 

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