Ray Bradbury tries to save Ernest Hemingway

Ray Bradbury in 1959

Well, with Christmas now behind us, it’s time to return to our regular posts about the Lost Generation. While listening to a Ray Bradbury short story collection I came across a very interesting one involving Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

My physical issues often make it very uncomfortable to hold a book for long and so I normally resort to using a book stand, which makes it much easier. However, in the last couple weeks I also started listening to audiobooks in order to take in a more diverse range of short stories. I check them out from the Chicago Public Library and since the selection is limited there are not many applicable to this site. One that I recently checked out, which I figured was like this, was Ray Bradbury’s 2002 collection One More for the Road.

And yet, towards the end of the collection there was a story entitled “The F. Scott/Tolstoy/Ahab Accumulator.” As there is only one “F. Scott” that I have ever heard of, I was immediately intrigued. The plot revolves around the creator of a time machine, who has decided to use it to go back in time to save doomed writers. The first of which he goes to is Ernest Hemingway in Idaho, where they have a conversation about how Hemingway should not kill himself. From there the protagonist travels to other writers as well, including F. Scott Fitzgerald.

While it’s not one of Bradbury’s deepest stories, or anywhere close to it, the plot was close to my heart and it was a delight to listen to. Recommended for fans of doomed writers everywhere!

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