The last post (at least for now)

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve added any updates to this site, and that makes me a little sad. The idea behind this site was one that I had for many years but never found the time for until the pandemic lockdown. I’m really proud of what I created here, and all of the structures and protocols that I put in place, but this will most likely be the last post on this site, at least for some time.

Initially, I stopped adding to the site because of health issues. However, once those had improved, I was ready to come back full force and build up One Hundred False Starts into something great. I was doing the preliminary work to get my mind back into that mode, and then discovered that Instagram had completely deleted our account. We put a great deal of work into it, and it was the most popular of all of our social media related to this site. I was unable to recover our page and they did not give any reason for why they had deleted it. With all of the harsh political content and everything else that is on there, I can’t imagine why they went after us, posting as we were about writers long dead and books long out of copyright.

To put it simply, that completely took the wind from my sails and frankly kind of broke my heart. That was several months ago and I haven’t been on here since, but I wanted to give some closure by writing this post. But if the last couple years have shown us anything, it’s that we have no idea what’s going to happen, so maybe I’ll be back on here, writing about my heroes Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and others, or maybe we’ll all be gone tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who supported this site in any way, keep reading and never forget the Lost Generation!

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