Black Spring

Black Spring is a collection of ten short stories by Henry Miller. First published in Paris, France by Obelisk Press in 1936, it would not be published in the United States due to obscenity laws until 1963. It was his second book after Tropic of Cancer.1


Black Spring consists of ten short stories. These bounce backwards and forwards in time, between his youth in Brooklyn and time spent in Paris, juxtaposing New York against France. It is written in a stream-of-consciousness style, without a main focused plot or characters.2


The book is made up of ten short stories, which are as follows:

  1. The Fourteenth Ward
  2. A Saturday Afternoon
  3. Third or Fourth Day of Spring
  4. The Angel is My Watermark!
  5. The Tailor Shop
  6. Jabberwhorl Cronstadt
  7. Into the Night Life
  8. Walking Up and Down
  9. Burlesk
  10. Megalopolitan Maniac


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