Lost Generation gifts for the holidays

Well, that time is upon us again when we start looking for something unique to buy for the holidays for the special people in our life. If you’ve got anyone in your life who is into the Lost Generation, here are some ideas for you. Note: Of all of the sites listed below, the onlyContinue reading “Lost Generation gifts for the holidays”

James Joyce reading an excerpt from Ulysses

Back in 2014 I found myself living in Huntsville, Alabama, and very unhappy. One dark night I started planning a trip to see a couple friends, which eventually morphed into a solo 80 day trip around the United States, ostensibly to finish writing my first novel. I avoided flying whenever possible, resulting in many hoursContinue reading “James Joyce reading an excerpt from Ulysses”

Ernest Hemingway and the Oak Park Public Library

Way back in the pre-pandemic days, I headed over to check out the beautiful main library in Oak Park, Illinois, and today thought I’d look at some of the great Ernest Hemingway related materials there. Hemingway grew up in Oak Park and lived there through the end of high school. While a quote calling OakContinue reading “Ernest Hemingway and the Oak Park Public Library”

Malcolm Cowley’s A Second Flowering

Hey everyone! I’m so excited that this site is starting to get along far enough that it’s at a point to focus on getting up some great content! Today I started reading Malcolm Cowley’s 1973 book A Second Flowering: Works and Days of the Lost Generation and it promises to be a solid read. AsContinue reading “Malcolm Cowley’s A Second Flowering”

The hub of the Lost Generation on the Internet

Okay, well, not quite. Not yet, at least. That’s the goal of this site though, and although it’s a lofty one to take on, it’s one that I feel is worthwhile. There’s great info out there but in my research I couldn’t find one website dedicated solely to all things Lost Generation. There are manyContinue reading “The hub of the Lost Generation on the Internet”