Christmas in the 1920s: Birth of the National Christmas Tree

Back in the early 2000s when I was going to school at American University in Washington D.C., I had the pleasure of getting to go to see the lighting of the National Christmas tree. I always loved Christmas, but up until that point I didn’t actually know that there was a National Christmas tree. AndContinue reading “Christmas in the 1920s: Birth of the National Christmas Tree”

Christmas in the 1920s: Magazines

In a recent post I wrote about a Christmas story by Dorothy Parker titled The Christmas Magazines And the Inevitable Story of the Snowbound Train. An early piece of writing by Parker, it was published by Vanity Fair in December 1916. In it she essentially laments and belittles the sentimentality of the Christmas magazines ofContinue reading “Christmas in the 1920s: Magazines”

Christmas in the 1920s: Christmas Seals

Something that I came across while researching Christmas in the 1920s was the use of Christmas seals. Christmas seals are labels placed on the mail during Christmas to raise money for charity. They look like postage stamps, but have no value and so have been called a “cinderella stamp.” They began in Denmark in 1904Continue reading “Christmas in the 1920s: Christmas Seals”