Review: Michael Palin’s Hemingway Adventure (1999)

For a long time I’ve wanted to start adding information to the site related to Lost Generation documentaries, bio pics, and movies based on their works. I’m happy to say that day is finally here and we’ll start out with a slightly different take on a documentary courtesy of Monty Python alum, author, and constantContinue reading “Review: Michael Palin’s Hemingway Adventure (1999)”

Cover Art Collage – A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Happy Sunday everybody! In today’s examination of cover art designs of Lost Generation novels, were going to look at Ernest Hemingway’s second novel, A Farewell to Arms, published in 1929. Set during World War I it follows the story of Frederic Henry, a lieutenant in the ambulance corps of the Italian Army. The main storylineContinue reading “Cover Art Collage – A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway”

Ray Bradbury tries to save Ernest Hemingway

Well, with Christmas now behind us, it’s time to return to our regular posts about the Lost Generation. While listening to a Ray Bradbury short story collection I came across a very interesting one involving Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. My physical issues often make it very uncomfortable to hold a book for longContinue reading “Ray Bradbury tries to save Ernest Hemingway”

Lost Generation gifts for the holidays

Well, that time is upon us again when we start looking for something unique to buy for the holidays for the special people in our life. If you’ve got anyone in your life who is into the Lost Generation, here are some ideas for you. Note: Of all of the sites listed below, the onlyContinue reading “Lost Generation gifts for the holidays”

The Chicago origins of The Little Review

One aspect of the Lost Generation that we haven’t touched on yet are the many small literary journals of the time and so I thought we’d start with an intro to one of the most important, The Little Review, born in my hometown of Chicago. Running from 1914 to 1929, Margaret Anderson began The LittleContinue reading “The Chicago origins of The Little Review”

The time Ernest Hemingway wrote “F— elephant hunting”

There are a few things that everyone seems to know about Ernest Hemingway – one of which is that he loved big game hunting. It’s a trait that has won him many critics as well as many followers. It features prominently in a number of his stories, with little to no sympathy for the animalsContinue reading “The time Ernest Hemingway wrote “F— elephant hunting””

F. Scott Fitzgerald drops a letter to Ernest Hemingway

The friendship/rivalry between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway is perhaps one of the most famous in American literature. As I continue to work my way through The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald (1963), today I’d like to look at some great quotes from letters Fitzgerald sent to Hemingway. First, a brief recap of their relationshipContinue reading “F. Scott Fitzgerald drops a letter to Ernest Hemingway”

Ernest Hemingway’s birthplace in Oak Park, Illinois

In a recent visit over to Oak Park, about 40 minutes from where we live on the far North Side of Chicago, we strolled over to Ernest Hemingway’s birthplace, a beautiful Victorian house that is now a museum. Lovingly restored in the 1990s, they normally do frequent tours, but due to the pandemic, do themContinue reading “Ernest Hemingway’s birthplace in Oak Park, Illinois”

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s father figure, Maxwell Perkins

The work of literary editors is extremely important, but, done behind the scenes, few are ever known to the public. One exception to this is Maxwell Perkins, longtime editor at Charles Scribner’s Sons. During his time there he was instrumental in getting early works published by Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe, Ring Lardner, and F. ScottContinue reading “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s father figure, Maxwell Perkins”

That Katy Perry song referencing Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is interesting for any number of reasons. Long a cultural touchstone in America and beyond, the man, his works, and the “Hemingway Myth” have infiltrated all aspects of society that they are often used (and abused) by people who have never read his writing or studied his life in depth. While I admittedlyContinue reading “That Katy Perry song referencing Ernest Hemingway”