Christmas in the 1920s: Birth of the National Christmas Tree

Back in the early 2000s when I was going to school at American University in Washington D.C., I had the pleasure of getting to go to see the lighting of the National Christmas tree. I always loved Christmas, but up until that point I didn’t actually know that there was a National Christmas tree. AndContinue reading “Christmas in the 1920s: Birth of the National Christmas Tree”

A 1920s Christmas in photos

Happy holidays everyone! Well this year is certainly different than every other one that I’ve ever experienced, I’m just glad to be here and able to celebrate right now. Since this website is dedicated to the Lost Generation who came of age with WWI and the roaring 20s, I thought we’d do a series ofContinue reading “A 1920s Christmas in photos”

Christmas stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker

“If my Valentine you won’t be,I’ll hang myself on your Christmas tree.” – Ernest Hemingway Well, it’s that time year again – Christmas! While it’s my personal favorite holiday season, with everything going on right now it just hasn’t felt like it yet. We put up decorations, and that was great, but not quite enough.Continue reading “Christmas stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker”