F. Scott’s last year of letters to Zelda

Hey all. Continuing to make my way through the first large collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s letters to be released, which were published in 1963. I went over the first section – his letters to his daughter Scottie – in a recent post, and today want to look at the second section, his letters toContinue reading “F. Scott’s last year of letters to Zelda”

Fatherly advice from F. Scott Fitzgerald

“You have got two beautiful bad examples for parents. Just do everything we didn’t do and you will be perfectly safe.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald in a letter to his daughter, December 1940 I recently started working my way through The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the first large collection of his letters to beContinue reading “Fatherly advice from F. Scott Fitzgerald”

The hub of the Lost Generation on the Internet

Okay, well, not quite. Not yet, at least. That’s the goal of this site though, and although it’s a lofty one to take on, it’s one that I feel is worthwhile. There’s great info out there but in my research I couldn’t find one website dedicated solely to all things Lost Generation. There are manyContinue reading “The hub of the Lost Generation on the Internet”