Thomas Wolfe quotes

“The world is a large, large oyster, but I do not think that I will choke when I swallow it.” – Thomas Wolfe, letter to George Pierce Baker

“I intend to record out my soul on paper and express it all. This is what my life means to me: I’m at the mercy of this thing and I will do it or die. I never forget, I have never forgotten.” – Thomas Wolfe, letter to his mother

“I am a righteous man, and few people know it because there are few righteous people in the world.” – Thomas Wolfe

“Mama, I have been a bad boy. All my life I have been a bad boy.” – Thomas Wolfe, final words

“Immortal drunkenness! What tribute can we ever pay, what song can we ever sing, what swelling praise can ever be sufficient to express the joy, the gratefulness and love which we, who have known use and hunger in America, have owed to alcohol?” – Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River

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